Good Will Story

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Penrith RSL SC have done a great deed and sent their old jerseys to a school in Papua New Guinea. The jerseys are now used as a school uniform in which the school did not previously have. Congratulations Penrith RSL SC. For the full story, please Click Here.

2019 Under U11 Gala Day

WHEN: The 2019 U11 Gala Day will coincide with 2019 Finals Day. It will be held at Jamison Park on Saturday 24th august 2019. The event is not a mandatory event. However, if teams enter, they do so understanding and agreeing to their obligations as they appear below. WHO: The Gala Day will be open…

Nepean FA YouTube Channel

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Attention Managers If you are still unsure on how to complete a Team Sheet, don’t forget we now have a YouTube channel with a step-by-step instructional video guide. We have also uploaded this video to the website¬†(Click Here). Attention Everyone Keep an eye out on the Nepean FA website for more tutorials, tips and clips…