2019 Under U11 Gala Day


  1. The 2019 U11 Gala Day will coincide with 2019 Finals Day.
  2. It will be held at Jamison Park on Saturday 24th august 2019.
  3. The event is not a mandatory event. However, if teams enter, they do so understanding and agreeing to their obligations as they appear below.


  1. The Gala Day will be open to the first 40 teams to register. Teams must be playing in Nepean FA U11 Competitions in 2019
  2. Each club will be given at least one allocation in the Gala Day.
  3. Only when each club has at least one allocation will we assign a 2nd berth to a club.


  1. Each team will play 2 games each of 2 x 15 min. halves with a 40 min. break in between each game
  2. Teams will play a 9 v 9 format with a maximum number of 14 players per team permitted as per our regular competition rules.
  3. Each player will receive a participation medal (Children only will receive a medallion, Coaches & Managers will not receive participation awards)


  1. Nominations open today (19TH July 2019)
  2. Nominations close 2nd August
  3. Confirmation of entry will be confirmed to clubs by 9th August.
  4. Draws will be issued by Friday 16th August
  5. Player nomination/registrations must be completed online, by the club in the iCompMan portal by Monday 19th August.
  6. Team sheets will be run on Tuesday 20th
  7. Event will take place on Saturday 24th August


  1. With the exception of the duration of matches, all regular rules will apply.


  1. Clubs must register/nominate their players via iCompMan (separate instructions which will be sent to club admins.)
  2. Each team must have a registered coach and registered Manager. The Registered Manager is the person who all team correspondence will be sent to prior to the event.  They should ensure that their email address is current via their club admins, who will check this in our registration portal (iCompMan).
  3. Clubs may nominate up to 2 teams each, however, 2nd team nominations will only progress after each team has had at least one team assigned to the Gala Day.
  4. 2nd team allocations will be made on a lucky draw basis.
  5. Clubs who fail to nominate their first team by the close off date will go into the lucky draw with all other 2nd teams.
  6. The draw for who plays who will be randomly generated by a computer program. No objections will be received regarding the outcome of the draw.
  7. Any club who fails to nominate their players by the deadline will forfeit their spot in the Gala Day and incur the relevant penalty ($100).
  8. Any club team withdrawing from the Gala Day after 19th August 2019 will incur a $100 forfeit/withdrawal fine.
  9. To assist in avoiding this penalty, clubs may replace the withdrawing team with a replacement team from the same age group.
  10. Teams who are a no show on the Gala Day, without notice will incur a $125 forfeit penalty for their club.
  11. Participating Clubs and teams will be issued further instructions regarding Match Day Requirements, Marshalling, Pre-Match ID Checks and Presentations once the final roster of teams has been established.


  1. Each team will have a vested Marshal, who will control the behaviour of the team supporters.
  2. Coaches must wear their ID Card and their Coaches Vests while on the sideline.
  3. This Gala Day is meant to be a fun, non competitive event for children. Any adult who displays inappropriate behaviour towards children or match officials, or directs aggressive behaviour towards other spectators or officials will be immediately asked to remove themselves from the sideline.  If you don’t believe your spectators, parents or team officials can manage this requirement, do not enter your team in this event.


  1. Referees will be allocated by Nepean Referees Group
  2. 50% of the Standard Referees Fees will apply to all Gala Day Matches. Nepean FA will subsidise the remaining 50%
  3. The Standard fees for U11 Referees (Game Leaders) are: $22 Centre/$10 AR
  4. Any club who fails to nominate their players by the deadline will forfeit their spot in the Gala Day and incur the relevant penalty and in addition will be charged 100% of the Referees fees as applied to their match.


  1. Team Officials who have questions regarding this Gala Day should direct them to their club admins, who in turn will communicated with Nepean FA. Please respect this chain of command protocol in the period leading up to the Gala Day.


  1. Click this link to enter your team/s (to be completed by a club Admin only)