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Nepean Football Association Inc.

Nepean Football Association Inc. are located in the outer west of Sydney, NSW. Our headquarters are in Penrith, at the foot of the majestic Blue Mountains.

Our District comprises of four local government areas. They are Penrith City Council, Blue Mountains City Council, Hawkesbury City Council & Wollondilly Shire Council.

There are around 11,656 registered players in the district who belong to 30 affiliated clubs. In 2019 we have 1,035 registered teams.

We also own Nepean Representative Football Club (Nepean FC), Nepean Referees Group (NRG) and Nepean Dragons Special Needs Group.

We manage competitions from under 12 to over 45’s as well as developing football for players between 5-11 years who play under the FFA Small Sided Football format (SSF).

In addition to our local amateur clubs, Nepean also has very strong Representative wing managed by our representative club, Nepean FC who enter teams into State League Competition Division 1.

Referee services are provided by the Nepean Referees Group, a wholly owned entity of the Nepean Football Association. For more information about Nepean Referees Groups, check their website –

Football continues to be very popular in an area that has seen a tremendous growth in population over the last twenty years. With many new suburbs established and continuing to grow, the demand for sporting and recreational facilities is huge.

The association conducts mixed junior competitions up to and including the Under 12 age group.

From Under 13’s and above, teams become single sex teams.

Girls competitions are offered in all age groups, however, they are conducted according to the number of nominations received. Female player numbers continue to rise at a rapid rate each season.

Governance Structure

Our Governance Structure is as follows:

  • Eight (8) Member Voluntary Management Board – elected by club delegates
  • Judiciary Panel – Consists of Club /Community members appoint by the board to hear disputes arising from red & yellow cards issued during matches.
  • Appeals Board – Appointed by the board to hear appeals relating to disciplinary committee hearings & judiciary panel decisions.
  • Five (5) Staff Members – Employed to manage the day to day affairs of the Association, which include Accounts procedures, Competitions, Registrations, Coach & Player Development, Venue Management. Staff also provide administrative support to sub committees such as the judiciary panel, the appeals board and protests & disputes panel.