Mental Health Resources – NFA – COVID-19

Many people use sport as a vehicle to alleviate the symptoms of mental health disorders and challenges.  At Nepean FA, we acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers, but our football family is important to us and we want to make sure you know that if your mental health is negatively impacted by the crisis, help is not…

Good Will Story

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Penrith RSL SC have done a great deed and sent their old jerseys to a school in Papua New Guinea. The jerseys are now used as a school uniform in which the school did not previously have. Congratulations Penrith RSL SC. For the full story, please Click Here.

2019 Under U11 Gala Day

WHEN: The 2019 U11 Gala Day will coincide with 2019 Finals Day. It will be held at Jamison Park on Saturday 24th august 2019. The event is not a mandatory event. However, if teams enter, they do so understanding and agreeing to their obligations as they appear below. WHO: The Gala Day will be open…