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You may be aware that there has been some recent positive cases of Coronavirus in the Blue Mountains. These cases have affected Hazelbrook FC & Glenmore Park FC All Age Men’s 8 teams only.
We have had one spectator and one player test positive.
NSW Health has completed the contact tracing required and have identified and notified those they consider to be close contacts, which is all players at the match from both teams.
Both teams have been told to self-isolate and get Covid tested.
No other age groups or divisions are considered close contacts.
Anyone who was at Lawson Oval on Sunday September 13 between 10.30am to 12.45pm should watch for Symptoms and if they occur, self-isolate and get tested (but you should be doing that anyway even if you weren’t at Lawson Oval!)
Discussions and options regarding lost fixtures are being discussed with affected clubs.
Stay Clam. Wash your hands. Self-isolate and get tested if you have symptoms.
You are also reminded of the NSW Public Health advice of ONE SPECTATOR PER PLAYER recommendation. Clubs are still also bound by the maximum 500 spectators per venue (not field) rules that still apply.
We have also been receiving complaints from the public about large groups attending fixtures and not practicing social distancing. Please, for the sake of the community and for the continuance of our sport, don’t be the muppet that thinks the rules don’t apply to them or that you aren’t obliged to social distance. Do the right thing – keep your distance from those you don’t live or work closely with when out in public.