Corona Virus

NSW Chief Health Officer’s new COVID-19 recommendations and how this affects Nepean FA Operations.

Nepean FA, after meeting with Football NSW and other Associations are happy to confirm that Nepean FA activities will not be affected in any way by recent NSW Health recommendations for community sport.

Associations, regardless if they run across multiple LGAs or not, are essentially considered their own zone, and can therefore continue to run as is.   Football NSW has made it clear that the intention is that Sydney based groups don’t travel (unless exempted to do so) to regional areas and visa-versa.

However, please do not rest too easy.  Community sport continues to be under the spotlight and reviewed, so we need to continue to do all we can to manage Covid-safe practices such as the measures already in place in your club’s Covid-19 safety plans.

Social media is currently producing many images where social distancing is clearly not being practised or given enough regard, If community sport continues to disregard Covid-safe plans and measures, we risk being shut down, so please, stay vigilant and follow the directions given to you by your club or host club and continue to employ Covid-safe measures.