OnePointHealth – FIFA11+

fifa 11 injury prevention program for kids

New research has shown that the old school warm-ups of performing several stationary stretches is suboptimal in warming up the body, improving performance or preventing an injury from occurring. The FIFA 11+ Kids program was designed to incorporate:

·      Slow-speed running exercises coupled with active and partner stretching.

·      Core and leg strength exercises, along with balance, plyometrics, and agility exercises.

·      Moderate/high speed running exercises integrated with cutting and pivoting movements.


The research has demonstrated that those participating in FIFA 11+ Kids as a warm up over a 6-8 week period have a reduction in injury rates…

·      41% reduction in a lower limb injury

·      55% reduction in a non contact injury

·      31% reduction in all match related injuries.


The FIFA 11+ program should be implemented as a standard warm-up prior to matches and training session at least three times a week. Correct technique should always try to be achieved where possible and if any exercises cause you any pain, please cease that exercise immediately and consult your physiotherapist.

At OnePointHealth, we offer pre and in-season assessment and screenings to athletes to tailor individualised exercise programs to help reduce the risk of an injury occurring.