Are you planning on coaching a team in 2020? There’s a few things that you may need to know to make sure you’re prepared and ready…….

If you’re coaching ANY team in the Under 5’s through to the Under 9’s, you are going to need to have a Miniroo’s Coaching Certificate – FREE and 2-3 hours!!!!

If you’re coaching in the Under 9’s to Under 13’s there’s a Skill Training Certificate course that you could attend. If you’re coaching a Division 1 team in these ages, you MUST have this accreditation for your team to be able to accumulate points.

If your team is Under 13’s through to Under 17’s then the age/stage appropriate course is the Game Training Certificate. Again, if your team is Div 1, you MUST have this accreditiation.

For teams Under 17’s and older, the course is called the Senior Coaching Certificate. you MUST have this if your team is Div 1, unless you’re coaching an OVER age team – over 35’s/45’s Men’s or Over 30’s Women’s etc.

These courses are for any division and are applicable to all stages of developemnt, expertise etc. The courses cover the coaching process and activities appropriate to that football phase. All courses show how to conduct training sessions using the game as the platform for learning – you get better at playing football by playing football!

If you need to get to a course, go to  and use the coaching tab to find a course, select, register, attend, learn, implement, smile!

Any questions? send an email to and our Football Manager will be more than happy to respond.