We’ve added a couple more puzzles below.

This week’s #playathomechallenge is to juggle 5 times and catch it……upload it and tag us.

New resources also on line at the playfootball skills hun –

We’re also having an on line coaching workshop to see how that goes -updates to follow.

While we’ve had to stop our footballing activities with our teams, there are other things we’d love to see you doing to keep engaged and active. There’s the #playathomechallenge challenge that sets a new challenge each week and everyone’s encouraged to upload their attempts onto your socials. This week it was Mitch Duke and Halyely Rasso setting a juggling challenge which our Football Manager has had a go at…check out our FB page to be a part of it.

You don’t need to go out and buy speed ladders and hurdles and heaps of stuff that you don’t see in a game. We’ll be putting out activities but in the meantime, focus on anything game like that uses your first touch and passing. Juggling, passes against fences, walls etc. you can check out the library of activities on our webpage in the coaching section for some ideas while we’re developing further resources.

Here’s a couple of word games to have a go at as well. We will be uploading further activities and also looking to get some online and course content up soon, so check back here and also like our FB page for more content.

crossword 1

Word Search 1

Crossword – Numbers

Word Search clubs Answer