Wet Weather Update

Before we get inundated with messages about ground status and updates, we need to explain to you how this works as we will not be replying, clarifying, updating or privately responding to “just checking” personal inquiries about ground closures.
When a ground is closed, we update our website first and will then follow with a Facebook announcement. Our website, is the definitive and only reliable source of information regarding the status of your match.
Our website has a quick link to ground closures. If the ground is not listed as closed, then we haven’t been informed of it’s closure and you can assume that it hasn’t been closed officially.
We do not close grounds at the association. That decision is left to either the club or local councils. At association level we only decide what will happen with the fixture affected by the ground closure and will reschedule or cancel a match accordingly.
Currently there is talk of My Game Guru being back online. At this stage our data appears in their app but is not being updated until such time as MGG and the association discusses the arrangement, therefore, the app cannot be used yet as a reliable source of immediate or accurate information. We are aware of conflicting information between the two. Please rely only upon the information on our website.

UPDATE 4:05PM – FRIDAY 05/04/19

Oakvillle Oval CLOSED Saturday & Sunday – Games rescheduled

Pitt Town Sports Club CLOSED Saturday & Sunday – Games rescheduled

St Pauls Grammar School CLOSED Saturday – Games rescheduled