Wet Weather

Updated 8pm Saturday 30th March 2019

Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been kind to the start of the 2019 season.  Rain overnight Friday & early Saturday has resulted in both Saturday & Sunday R1 fixtures being postponed.

Please consult the Wet Weather Quick Link on our Webpage to confirm ground closures.

For the benefit of all members (new & those who have forgotten), our process for wet weather is as follows:

  1. Club will assess their fields individually.  If closing they will report to Nepean FA.  Depending on time frames, if during the week,  or if time and capacity allows, we may be able to move the games to another field.
  2. If we can’t move the game to another venue, we will take the following action;
    1. Firstly we’ll decided if the round is going to be re-scheduled or Washed Out.  If we decide on a Wash Out with no rescheduled fixtures, then teams are awarded a 0-0 score and the match is not replayed.  We don’t do this very often.  Our preference is to reschedule matches.  If we decide to reschedule, we take the following action;
    2. U5 to U11 games are washed out and not rescheduled.  Clubs are encouraged to work with each other to replay the fixture at a time and date that is convenient for both teams.  If clubs don’t re-organise the fixture it remains cancelled.
    3. U12 & above (competition teams) will have their fixture rescheduled to another date.  We try to give at least two weeks notice of the reschedule, but that time frame reduces as we get closer to the end of the season.
    4. We will attempt a mid week reschedule, or a double header may be our only option if a club doesn’t have night game facilities.  A double header means that if your usual day of play is Saturday, we’ll reschedule your game for Sunday, and if it’s usually Sunday, we’ll reschedule it for Saturday.
    5. In cases where a team seeks to have a rescheduled fixture moved to another day/venue or time, they must, through their club admins, immediately seek an agreement with the opposition team to change the fixture to a mutually agreeable time.  BOTH CLUBS must agree to the change and notify the association using the prescribed forms available to clubs.  If both clubs do not agree the fixture stands, and is either played or forfeited.  A full and clear 7 days notice is required to change a published fixture.
  3. The association WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TEAM OFFICIALS, PARENTS OR PLAYERS in the matter of fixture changes.  Please do not contact us unless you are an authorised and registered Club Committee member, as we do not wish to offend you by our refusal to hear you out.
  4. As fixtures are rescheduled, they are published on our website.  This information is available to everyone.  You do not have to wait for your club to tell you where your game has been moved to, or to confirm that it’s moved.  Please help lighten the load on club volunteers by checking our website regularly to track your fixture changes.
  5. We don’t automatically postpone, cancel or wash-out a round, we have a tipping balance.  Once a certain number of venues are closed, we then determine the viability of the rest of the round being played.  When we make this consideration, we need to consider the number of remaining weeks available to us and venues available to us.
  6. IMPACT ON FINALS – Our clubs by a popular vote have asked us to attempt to play all competition rounds, at the expense of a finals tournament play off.   In such instances, we will sacrifice the finals tournament (3 matches to determine the finalists) and finish with a 1 v 2 Final rather than a play off series.
  7. REFEREES – if you’re one of our amazing Nepean Referees Group (NRG) referees, your admins will advise you on their preferred method of notifying you of changes to appointments.  Feel free to follow our webpage and facebook updates, but also check your MatchRef page for news specific to Referees.  Members can also follow NRG on their Facebook page.

We hope this information has been useful to you.  If you have any further questions, please direct them to your club admins, who should be able to assist you.