Competition Updates


The Winter Season is fast approaching with team nominations due in 3 weeks and kick-off just under 6 weeks away.   

As Easter is late this year, we are able to squeeze in a few more rounds before having our first spare weekend. All competitions (6-team, 10-team and Premier League) will kick off on the 22nd, 23rd & 25th March. 8-team and SSF competitions will kick off on the 29th, 30th and 31st March. 

The structure of the Premier League has changed again in 2019 and we are back to having an 8-team competition. This will mean Premier League teams will play 3 cycles once again, with a 1v2 final at the Nepean FA Finals Day. 

Once again, the Association is promoting the O30’s women’s competition to which we hope will run in 2019. We have made some changes (please see article on O30’s women in the newsletter) for more information. 

Along with offering an O30’s women’s competition in 2019, we are pushing to have an O45’s competition as well.  

Like the O30’s ladies we have made some changes and exceptions in order to get this age group and competition up and running. Similarly, please see O45’s article in the body of the newsletter for more information. 


Nepean FA Cups are an additional competition offered to our members to give them more value for money. It is run throughout the season and is offered to all age groups. Depending on the number of nominations received, will depend if that age group goes ahead. 

Last year we had competitions in the following age groups. The club listed next to the age group was the winner in 2018: 

  • Under 12 – Glenmore Park FC 
  • Under 14 – Penrith FC 
  • Under 14G – Lowland Wanderers SC 
  • Under 16 – Glenmore Park FC 
  • Under 16G – Penrith FC 
  • All Age Women – St Marys Band Club FC 
  • All Age Men – Penrith Rovers FC 

If you are interested in competing in the Nepean FA Cups don’t forget to advise your club. Nominations are due at the time of Team Nominations. 


Registrations for 2019 are completed through the new registration system PLAY FOOTBALL.  We understand there have been a few hiccups with the new system, and rest assured we have been working with Football NSW to have these issues rectified.